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You probably have an idea what a landing page is and why it is valuable for your business.If you don’t, let me start by trying to define as simply as possible what a landing page is and how it can boost your online business. A landing page is a single page or maybe, even several pages on your website that is designed solely to get your readers to take action- preferably the one you want them to take.If you sell products online, your landing page should be designed to get customers to buy your products.If you offer services ( B2B or B2C), your landing page should be channelled to get leads that you can follow up on.An excellent landing page will generate more conversions to business for your brand.At the articles depot, we give you actionable landing page copy to suit your business needs: awareness, lead generation or conversion .

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Hi I'm Emmanuella a mom, a writer, and a sales professional.I have seven years of experience in selling premium brands and growing sales from ground zero with my persuasive negotiations skills. I also have a background in search engine optimised copywriting which is about defining user intent to create web copy that is optimised to attract, engage and convert the right kind of customers for your brands.Most of your potential customers these days, dont want to be told where to buy, but would rather browse on the internet by themselves.My job is to position your website with the right copy to improve your visibility on the internet, and when customers click on your site, they find relevant and engaging information that convinces them to subscribe.