Our Mission

Content creation

The best content writing partner in Nigeria

 To brand and repackage online websites with quality content skillfully crafted  to captivate your audience .We would love to partner with you to get the best out of rebranding your online business .Whether you are a new start up or an already established brand , with our SEO content services alone you can get up to 90% optimisation of your webpages and this clearly shows that content (Great conetnt) will forever be The greatest ranking factor in Google and other search engines .

What makes us different from competition

We don’t offer you a ‘generic one sized fits all’solution to your content requirements 

We tailor our style and languge to suit your needs.Whether you need a high impact campaign or a professional sounding presentation,at the articles depot you get all your content writing in one content shop



We aspire to be the best content writing and copy writing agency in Africa by 2020.To have a workforce of no less then 50 writers and copy editors who are solely dedicated to creating high quality content that meets any international standards

We aspire to build and motivate a talented workforce with the right training and incentives to make them comparable to their counterparts anywhere in Africa.


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