MY STORY part 1(Emmanuela Owoturo -CEO)

 Why should you, a digital marketing firm or a new e-commerce business struggling to make your mark on the internet ,leave the big names in the content writing industry and put your SEO content strategy,a vital part of your brand promotion,in my hands? What guarantee can I give you that the content I write will market your brands effectively?This guarantee: Expertise, on time delivery and 100% originality.

At the depot of words, we don’t make empty promises.What we say is what you SEE!We are extremely passionate about helping your business succeed by helping you get to the top pages of google and other search engines thus getting the maximum number of visits to your website. Also ,being determined to be the best content writing agency in Africa, we are constantly up-skilling the depot team so as to deliver consistently, top-notch quality to you.

What stands us apart from competition ?

  • Raw talent 
  • Creativity 
  • And The desire to be the best at what we do.

The above three elements are the most vital to the success of any business  and I’ll prove this to you with the following examples :

Think of all the big names that are popular today;Bill Gates,Steve Jobbs,Mark Zuckerberg,Oprah Winfrey,and Jan Koum,just to name a few; A good number of them were drop -outs, which rules out certification as a necessity for success in any field ;some started from the scratch and as such had no professional experience to recommend them; and quite a number of them came from poor families .All they had was: 'a dream’,unrefined talent, passion, perseverance , and the desire to be the best in their various industries. All that plus someone who took a chance on them was all they needed to succeed .

If you are an online business in need of qualitative,quantitative, and uniquely written content to boost your brand visibility,I’m inviting you today to be a part of this success story. Years from now , we will both look back at how far we have come, and marvel at how our brands have evolved to become one of the big names in our different niche area