Full Service Content Solutions

We offer digital media strategy and web content management as part of our SEO copywriting services.Our digital media strategy involves researching the right longtailed queries with low difficulty and high Cost per click (CPC).

We also examine your top three competitors to devise the right content strategy to get your business to the first page of Google.We try to understand your audience demographics to ascertain what type of digital media would best resonate with them, e.g. videos, tweets, emails. We then incorporate all these forms of content in your online advertising strategies.

With the right digital media strategy and SEO web copy, you can drive more traffic to your business and convert more prospects to customers.

Content management is an additional package for busy executives who would like to leave the update of their websites in our capable hands.By opting for our content management package, you can be assured of getting regular website content as well as updates on the old information to keep your website relevant to your audience.

Digital media strategy

Google ranking factors consistently favour high-quality content and backlinks. Producing high-quality content requires that you understand your target audience, their intent when they type in queries into the search engines and optimising content to fulfil this intent. Our digital media strategy package ensures that the content you produce for your readers is relevant to their needs at every stage of the buyer journey. This is what is included in the content strategy package.

  • Competitor research ( We research the first three competitors in your business niche)
  • Keyword research – We examine up to 5 keywords for your business niche.
  • Content outline- We draw up an outline for your blog content.To start planning your contenf outline, kindly fill the form below.

Content management

Content management involves updating your website regularly with fresh content and also modifying existing content to reflect any current changes. One way to keep your websites on the first page of the search engines is to produce information that is relevant to your audience consistently..Our content management solution ensures that you don’t have to worry about outdated content on your site; you leave it to us to help you look for the newest trends in your niche and provide you with blog content with this up to date info.

For content management services, we charge a monthly flat fee, and the fee depends on a pre-agreement on how much work you need to be done for you.