A landing page is a single webpage on your website or a stand-alone page that serves as the powerhouse for decision making. There are only two decisions a landing page content should evoke in your would-be customers: sign up or sign out.

The quality of your landing page copy is crucial to the success of your advertising campaigns.With the right copywriting services, you can turn more prospects into buyers.At the articles depot, we will do an excellent job of creating a compelling landing page copy, that gets more customers to choose the better option and attract more leads for your business.

This is how a landing page can boost your customer-conversions.

Long landing page content can generate up to 220% more conversions than above the fold CTA.What this means is that to create a compelling landing page you need to optimise the content length as well as the language of the copy.

Having more landing pages for your website increases the chances of conversions by 110%. Some studies show that having over 40 landing pages can help improve your conversions by 200%.

Generally, this is the format your landing page content will take.

Landing Page copy that engages and converts

How we create landing pages that elicit positive actions from your clients.

  • Use focused and compelling language. Your landing page is your sales page, and we know you have only a few seconds to capture your client’s interest- so we’ll choose the right words to set the tone for the required action.
  • Create a convincing brand story.The best Landing pages are crafted around a good story.We will write a story that tugs at your client’s emotions and helps them relate better with your brand.
  • Use engaging visuals. The pictures we use will blend in what you have to say and bolster your points effectively.
  • Create the right balance. We will create for you a compelling landing page copy that balances the right sales pitch without sounding like an overzealous salesperson.
  • Use a specific CTA. We’ll be specific in asking your potential customers to take the most favourable choice for your business. Whether it’s signing up for your services or buying a product directly, we’ll Choose the right language to suit your CTA.GET STARTED BY REQUESTING A FREE QUOTE


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