We provide search engine optimised web copy that gets your business website to the first page of Google.At the articles depot, our content creation and SEO copywriting services are guaranteed to engage your customers on your websites and foster loyalty to your brands.Our SEO copywriting Services include

Blog writing services

SEO Web content creation

Landing page copy

Advertising copy

Product descriptions

Sales copy

Blog writing services

Our blog writing services are designed to foster loyalty to your brand by providing your customers with all the information they need, on your website.We add catchy images and explainer videos, infographics, and all you need to make your blog posts stand you out from the crowd.Blog writing is an essential part of your inbound marketing campaigns, and creates more engagement and promotes loyalty for your brand.Your blogs should focus on what your customers want to hear and not only on promoting your products or services.

Sales and social media marketing copy

We create sales copy with exceptional storytelling skills that will enable potential customers to visualise what your newly launched brands can offer them.Our advertising copywriting services include case studies and social media marketing copy.

Audience engagement: Our blog writing services are fully optimised to engage and convert your audience. We write like we are writing for people and not for robots. We include infographics, high-quality images, and videos that are relevant to the content and will further increase audience engagement.

We help you funnel content effectively to guide your buyers through the stages of the customer journey for your brands.This ensures constant engagement on your websites.

Effective product descriptions

Writing an effective product description begins with identifying your brand’s unique benefits (USP) and linking them to address your customer’s pain points.Whether you require 3000 words or 20,000 words, we provide you with distinct product and service descriptions that will lead to sales for your brand.

Landing Page copy

A landing page is a single page website for advertisement or promotion that is designed to elicit an individual response from the potential target.The goal of a landing page is to get customers to take one action on your site. It could be to subscribe to a service, buy a product, sign up for a seminar or your goal could be to get customer details for follow-up.Your landing page copy has to be persuasive and straight to the point.To create great landing pages requires a copywriter with a solid background in sales and selling . At the articles depot, we give you optimised content for your landing pages with all the essential information and the critical CTA.

Optimised Web copy

Moz Research shows that 91% of web visitors don’t go beyond the first page. If your website does not appear on page 1, you’re nowhere.

66% of clicks go to the first three websites on the search engine results pages.

90% of clicks are based on organic results; pay per click adverts (PPC) generate a meager 10% of clicks to your website.

At the articles depot, we research the right queries that customers that are looking for your services type into search engines.We optimize your site for these queries to ensure your business is visible to your target customers.


We don’t charge hourly rates because that would probably increase the cost of our copywriting services.  This billing method also depends on a lot of variable factors, which may not be quantifiable. How many hours, for instance, should the research and planning take? How accurately can we track the hours spent brainstorming without actually penning stuff down? How much time should we spend creating 500 words of content? We think its only fair to your budget to cost our writing services using a more quantifiable billing method.Our pricing depends on how much work you need to be done. For your web pages, quotes are based on the following factors.

The number of web pages for which you want content created.

The length of articles on each page.

The extent of research required to create your content — the more technical or research intensive, the higher the cost.

The number of keywords you want to rank for. The price for a few keywords would not be the same as for over ten keywords.

The competitiveness of your keyword in your niche market. The more the number of keywords you want to rank for, the higher the price we charge per wore.

Generally, our prices start from NGN 7.00 per word for sales copy and any copy that does not require SEO.

For SEO copy, prices start at NGN 10 Per word and could go up to NGN 20 per word, depending on all the above factors.

Landing page copy starts from NGN20 per word, and the price increases with the technicality of the content and whether or not videos and infographics are required.The cost of all these extras will be factored in when we give you a quote for your landing pages.