Hello once again. I believe we met on my homepage, but if we didn’t, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emmanuella, and I love a good story. My love affair with writing started when I was 15 years old. In those days I used to write lyrics( smarmy ones), short stories and even wrote a complete novel once( please don’t ask what happened to the book).
By the time I finished secondary school( high school), I wanted to follow in my Dad’s footsteps to study mass communication or journalism, but circumstances conspired( good ol’ dad wanted a doctor), and I found myself studying for a Pharmacy degree in the University of Lagos instead.
Scroll down six years later; I got a job in a multinational pharma company, where I discovered I had a talent for sales and selling. The results were unbelievable, and I practically grew some business territories from ground zero. I was a medical sales rep and then a territory manager for a combined period of 7 years. At some point, during the latter part of those years, I felt a yearning for something more fulfilling. It was like there was something more I needed to do and I wasn’t fulfilling my dreams or passion by being in the sales and marketing career, even though I excelled in this field.

So how did a pharmacist cum marketer become an SEO copywriter?
The turning point came when I applied for an advertised role of junior copywriter at a copywriting agency based in the UK. Even though I got the part, I opted out because I wanted to build a platform that would promote the African small to medium business online. To improve my copywriting abilities, I took several writing courses online, read up on everything I could find about content writing and copywriting, joined a few online publishing websites like Hubpages and wrote several featured articles. Right around this time I also joined a few freelance writing platforms, for the experience.
SEO copywriting, I soon discovered is a new experience altogether. Incidentally, it was my first client on one of the freelance platforms that opened my eyes to the entirely new world of SEO copywriting. He wanted his e-commerce shop to rank among the first three on Google SERPs for the keyword minifan. So, once again I delved deep into research, and this time my research was on how to rank a website with content SEO. The project( research and SEO copywriting ) took one week, and by the end of that time, the minifan store, shopcon Pk was number 1 for the keyword-mini fan store Pakistan( I had an easy first experience with SEO, thank heavens!).

Armed with sound knowledge of what makes content rank on the first page, and my voracious appetite for learning everything there is to know about SEO copywriting, I started a copywriting agency-the articles depot and enlisted a few content writers who think the way I think- that the future of SEO copywriting is about creating useful informatin for readers first, and optimizing for visibility on search engines, next.Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and writing boring articles in the name of SEO.If your readers can’t flow with your thoughts, then you’ve probably lost the first game in SEO content writing- content quality.

Being on the first page of Google for queries that your users type in is the best form of advertisement for your business. Creating web copy that engages your readers and leads to more conversions for your business is what the articles depot team will provide you- Creative SEO copywriting that gets you to the first page of Google and keeps your audience hooked to your web pages.

I see SEO copywriting as an ever-evolving writing form that combines user experience with the latest ranking factors in search engine optimization. A good SEO copywriter needs to keep abreast of the current trends in SEO e.g. voice search optimization, optimizing content for local searches, schema org mark-up, writing the ideal meta description e.t.c

The world of SEO copywriting is evolving rapidly and in order to keep up with it, you need a team of copywriters that constantly upskill their knowledge to give you the best in optimized content creation. At the articles depot, we are committed to seeing that your website content is search engine friendly and user-friendly.

The articles depot is a new SEO copywriting agency in Lagos Nigeria- a creative SEO copywriting firm. What we do is create web copy that doesn’t sound like its scripted for robots and yet is fully optimized for a first-page appearance on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
We would love nothing better than to see your business grow with the help of our creative copywriting services, optimized for organic ranking.We believe that as you grow, we grow and we would like to be your content partner of choice. Find out more about our services.