Landing page optimization

The quality of your PPC landing page copy is crucial to the success of your advertising campaigns. With the right landing page copy you can get more people to engage with your business and check out what you have to offer.

What is a landing page?

  • A landing page in marketing terms is a standalone page or a single page on your website that you create to get your visitors to take an action.
  • Think of your landing page as your customer magnet, and you need the right copy to make it sell.
  • The copy and design of your landing page should have one central focus.
  • Having too many messages or call to action would confuse your visitors and distract from your overall goal.
  • A customer-centric landing page starts by identifying with your customer’s pain points.
  • It addresses these needs by highlighting the unique benefits of your brand.
  • Premium landing page copy focuses on using the right words and style to help your prospects take the required action.
  • For best results in boosting traffic to your website, you should combine your SEO efforts with landing page for PPC ( pay per click) adverts on Facebook and Google.

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What makes a landing page different from other web pages?

  • A landing page is designed solely with one focus in mind – one call to action. It could be to generate leads that you can target to get business from. You could also use a landing page to promote a new product or create awareness around a new brand.
  • The content of your landing page is crucial to the success of your advertising campaigns.
  • It’s essential that you choose your language, style, and tone to suit the audience you’re targeting.
  • Unlike other pages on your website, this page should be devoid of distractions. Ideally, you should remove the header menu, footer menu, and social media links on your landing page.
  • This will help reduce the number of actions your visitors can take.
  • The less the distraction, the easier it is for them to focus on the business at hand.

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with us.

  • User-centred language for your landing page copy. We design our landing pages to suit your buyer personas.
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  • Actionable CTA that compels readers to take the required action and improves your conversion rate.
  • An analysis of your landing page to ensure that both the design and copy is optimized for maximum

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  • Landing page copy that is designed to engage attract, and compel your readers to take the desired action.
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  • Infographics, high-quality pictures.
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