Marketing copy

If you’re starting a new business or launching a new product, you would often need to kickstart your brand awareness by promoting your business on Facebook and other social media forums.The quality of your marketing copy determines the click-through rate (CTR) an the conversion rate for your brands.

At the articles depot, our marketing copy is designed to fit your target audience, and we start by defining the best audience personas for your brand.

Our marketing copy includes:

PPC Social media marketing copy

Press release

Email marketing copy

Case studies

Sales copy

Display banners and other promotional ads copy.

In addition to creating compelling advertising copy to showcase your brands, we can also help you promote your business world-class advertising platforms like Brandzooka.

This helps to target a broader audience base on different platforms which you can’t get by promoting using only social media channels.

These platforms target both social media and Tv to get your marketing copy to as many potential customers as possible.

To make inquiries about our marketing copy or the prices of any advertising package, please fill the short form below. We’ll get back to you within 24hours.