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About Me

CEO the articles depot

Emmanuela Onyemenem-Content creator and content strategy developer.

How did I get into the business of SEO content writing?

 Well, I’ve always been passionate about writing and started scribbling stuff from the age of 16. It never occurred to me though, that I could make a living out of writing for other people and it was purely by accident that I stumbled into the Content writing business. It all started when I replied to an ad for a writing job, posted by a UK based copy writing agency. Even though I was offered the role I realized I would love nothing better than to branch out on my own, doing something I really love. 

Moreover, I was at a point in my life when I had gotten tired of working for other people and so I decided to take a calculated risk and venture out on my own.

I started by joining a few online freelance writing agencies, after doing my research thoroughly on a number of them, and finally got my first major Gig on the freelancer platform. Initially, all I was doing was writing long form content for blog posts,  content for sales copy and product descriptions.

I can clearly remember the first client that asked me to help him get his web page to the top of Google using content optimization techniques. When I checked online, his website was nowhere to be found and I realized it would be a challenging project, albeit, one which I was prepared to face head-long. With the right content optimization, in less than a week this clients online mini fan store shot to the top of Googles pages for search queries like mini fan store, small fan store ,shop mini fan, and other commonly used queries when clients are looking to buy such items in Pakistan.

Based on my success with this client and a few others, and my research into the field of content optimization, I realized that there was a gap that needed to be filled in content writing especially here in Africa and I stepped in to try to fill this gap.So, here I am a few months later, with quite a lot of success stories under my belt, and my determination to give my Best to YOU.


Meet Andrew


Architect and Auto-cad Expert,Proficient in 2D graphic designs  

With a distinction in Architecture and a Masters in the  same  field, from the  Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Andrew is our Graphic designs expert and our go-to website designer.

Andrew is proficient in 2D graphic designing, 2D and 3D modelling, Auto-CAD designing, structural design planning and layout and project management.

In his leisure moments he loves to watch movies and generally hang out with friends and family. 

Meet The Star.

Chief editor the articles depot

Editor-in-chief .

Stella, or the Star as she is fondly called,  graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria with a first degree in Mass communication.She is the grammar and punctuation police, always agile to catch any stray punctuation marks and ensure that any work delivered is free of errors.

 When she's not busy on grammar- patrol, she spends her leisure-time either sewing, reading or baking wonderful tasting cakes.

Her motto is, 'why leave till tomorrow , what can be done today', and this sums up perfectly her approach to work and life in general.