12 tips to help you become a great SEO copywriter

Chances are if you are reading this article, you may have asked yourself this question several times, ‘what is an SEO copywriter? ‘On the other hand, If you are an SEO copywriter, you may be looking for resources that could make you a better SEO copywriter. If you are, then you are in the right place! Let’s start by defining copywriting. Copywriting is a form of content writing that seeks to persuade potential customers to buy a product or sign up for a particular service. There are different kinds of copywriting and copywriters.

Creative copywriters

Marketing copywriters

SEO copywriters.

Sales copywriters

Technical writer

Brand journalist

Search engine optimised copywriter

Who is an SEO copywriter? In my article what is SEO copywriting, I explained in detail who an SEO copywriter is and what SEO copywriters do. In the past, SEO copywriting used to be about keyword stuffing to rank a website on the first page of Google.Today, great SEO copywriters create content that targets the audience first, and then optimise for visibility- creative SEO copywriting.

An SEO copywriter creates content for websites and marketing copy like landing page copy, service descriptions and so on.

How do you become a great Seo copywriter? Web copywriting, I’m quite sure you know, is very different from writing marketing copy. Being an accomplished Creative copywriter or a great marketing copywriter does not necessarily make you a good web copywriter, although both forms of copywriting are incorporated in SEO copywriting.

Seo Copywriting blends good writing skills with marketing skills and technical knowledge of how to make your client’s content visible on the internet. It certainly doesn’t make sense to create content that no-one else gets to see.

Find below, 12 tips that will help you become a better SEO copywriter.

Develop a persuasive writing style

Develop a compelling writing style

One way to develop an excellent persuasive SEO writing skill is to master the art of telling a good story. SEO copywriting blends providing information to guide users on the buyer journey with persuading them to take action at each stage of the trip. To be a good SEO copywriter, you need to develop a convincing and persuasive writing style. The style you use for creating a copy to attract new customers to a website would be entirely different from how you build a copy to engage customers on the site. You need to be able to gauge audience responses based on their state in the customer journey and create copy that would persuade them to take action that leads them to the next stage.

Understand your clients Brand :

To be a great SEO copywriter, you must understand your clients brand. Every article or web copy you create for your client must be consistent with their brand image and identity. What does the company represent? What values are they passing across to their target audience? What is their edge over the competition?

Understand the target audience:

Understand the buyer personas for your clients brands

What are the pain points of your client’s target audience? What would make them search for services like your clients? What needs are they trying to satisfy when they search for articles like the one you plan to Write? What queries would they usually type in to search for your client’s Services? A good SEO copywriter puts themselves in the audience shoes and creates copy that resonates with the target buyer persona.

Research the competition:

Who are your clients strongest competitors? Take particular notice of how long these competitors have been in existence and the value they offer. What is their strongest selling point? What makes their copy appealing?This is particularly important when you’ re creating web copy or landing page copy for your clients. This knowledge gives you a good idea of what you are up against and helps you create text that inculcates all the best practices of your competition, and then some.

If you’re creating blog posts you need to research other great articles on the topics you plan to write for your client. Look at the writing style, the way the pieces are structured and the way the information is presented to the audience.You can easily find out the best articles on any topic by taking a look at the first page of the SERP. Ideally, I would suggest you look at articles written by big brands as well as lesser known brands. The way I see it is if a report from a newbie brand appears on the first page of Google; its entirely possible the article is of top-notch quality and provides in-depth information presented in such a way to ensure proper reader engagement.

Research authentic sources for the copy you are creating.

Its a good idea to quote original sources as opposed to linking to third hand information.Get your information from the horse’s mouth and you could even try fixing first person interviews.( This would depend on your clients budget and the type of article you are writing).

Keep abreast of the latest SEO trends:

Everyday, Google comes up with new information that could affect how a website or article ranks on the internet.Keeping abreast of the latest trends in SEO keeps you ahead of the game and ensures that you consistently produce articles that are visible on the web.

Adapt your writing style to the audience:

For a more professional audience, your articles while being persuasive in nature must be crafted in a professional language with the right technical jargon. If your audience is more broad in nature, opting for a conversational style would be more appropriate. If your clients brand caters majorly to teenagers or very young people, you may need to write in a more edgy fun-style to capture their attention.

Try writing in different niche areas:

SEO copywriting does not have to be limited to writing in one field.To be a good SEO copywriter, you must be able to research and create content in fields you may not be familiar with.While some companies may prefer to on-board a subject matter expert to create webcopy in a particular field,( and I see the logic in that approach), it may be more expensive and may not even be neccessary.A good SEO copywriter knows how to delve deep into the research and blend into a role to produce Webcopy that is relevant to that niche.

Create and optimize content to satisfy user intent:

There are several phrases that a user could type in when looking for your client’s services depending on how conversant they are with the particular service.A customer that knows about digital marketing may likely search for that exact phrase.On the other hand, a user who is not familiar with that term but who needs the services of an online advertising agency may type in another search phrase entirely.As an SEO copywriter,you need to be aware of these different types of audience behaviours and optimize your clients copy to be visible for as many of these search terms as possible.

Invest in resources that develop your writing skills:

Invest in resources that develop your skills

To be a great SEO copwriter or any other kind of writer, you must develop excellent writing skills.It’s not enough to be a good writer, you need to read up on resources to improve your grammar, writing style and vocabulary. There are a number of free online resources that help you with sentence structure and punctuation. To develop a broad vocabulary, practice reading a book at least every other day.It may not be easy with your hectic work schedule, but to transform from good SEO copywriter to great Seo copywriter, you need to invest in developing your writing skills.

Invest in the right content creation tools :

SEO copywriting is not an easy job. Creating content that gets to the first page requires a lot of brainstorming and sound knowledge of SEO.Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there that can help make the job easier and help you define the quality of the copy you create.

Grammar editing tools

Topic generator tools

Keyword density checker

Keyword research tools

Plagiarism check tools

Content Organization tools

Image resource tools

To be a great SEO copywriter, you must put your clients first:

Having excellent customer relationship skills will go a long way to ensuring that your clients are satisfied with your work. Be sure to keep to timelines and schedules and be open to doing a few revisions for your clients until they are 100% happy with your work.Of course we know that there may be times when you may not be able to meet up with a deadline for very valid reasons.Such situations should be the exception, and you should communicate foreseeable delays to your client as soon as it becomes inevitable.

If you are interested in creative copywriting services for your digital marketing strategies, websites or content marketing, contact us.At the articles depot,we create the best SEO web copy to boost your brand visibility.

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