Let’s talk about where it hurts…

Let’s talk about You!

Are you single and pining away; wishing you could project yourself into a future with a family of your own?
Do you sometimes wish you could be someone else or be born into a different time?
Are you divorced, separated and trying to start your life all over again?
Are you dealing with heartache over a breakup?
Are you struggling with an addiction that’s so hard to give up?
Are you married and hard-pressed to meet up with the constant demands of everyone around you?
Are you struggling to start up a business or trying to revive an ailing one?
Or have you got your life under control, and everything is going fine, superfine in fact, and yet a part of you can’t help wondering when the tables would turn?

Let’s talk About Life.

Let’s talk about life: Yeah, we know life can be pretty fickle sometimes. Today, you may be on top of the world, and tomorrow, the bricks come crumbling down taking you to the ground. Today, you may be nobody, and tomorrow, rise to become somebody, either by dint of merit and hard work or by a pure stroke of luck. Sometimes, life can make it easy for you to succeed and your hard work and determination equate to success. Sometimes, though, life throws at you convoluted patterns and the more you try to unravel them, the more entangled they get.

When life gives you lemons, make a smoothie!

Let’s Talk About Love

Let’s talk about love: What is love, if it’s not a guarantee that the hole in your heart will finally be filled? Would you instead settle for second best, or keep searching, even though people label you hard to please? Are your expectations from love realistic or is love a fantasy you built from watching too many romantic movies? When you find love would you recognise it? Have you defined what you want in a life partner, looked at yourself in the mirror and confirmed that you are the perfect fit? Are you ready to take the plunge and not look back, once your heart agrees?

Love is feeling that your happiness means the world to me

Let’s talk about limitations:

Have you consciously or unconsciously set boundaries for yourself? Conditioned by the society in which you live, have you given yourself reasons why you can’t succeed and blamed all your woes on Humanity?

Perhaps you believe in destiny and are ready to lie down and take the nasty blows fate deals you. Maybe you think you don’t deserve anything good and you somehow caused every bad thing that ever happened in your life.

Do you try to drown your sorrows in wine or hope the next shot of heroin will take away your low self-esteem? Perhaps they failed you one too many times; those who you looked up to, who should have made the road less rocky. Maybe they even took away the stepping stones from under your feet and told you no good would ever come out of this Nazarene.

Your destiny is not the cards fate deals you; its the hand you choose to play

Let’s Talk about Faith and Trust.

Let’s talk about faith, hope, and trust. Now faith is the substance of things longed for and the evidence of things not seen. Trust is putting all your eggs in one basket and placing that basket in the hands of another. Hope is the killer of many a dream, a purposeless desire for something you may never achieve. Until you’re ready to risk your heart to fall in love again or to trust again, be happy again and seize the day; you may be missing a vital piece of yourself that no one can give back to you.

What if Your healing only begins the moment You choose to Live; to beat the odds against you, and fight your way through the entangled weaves?

Your healing starts the moment you choose to forgive

Finally, let’s talk about dreams:

What is that burning desire in you: that idea that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going all through the day -your passion, not your fear. “I have a dream that one day all my dreams will be made real, and I’ll ride on the back of the winds and reach for the sky with no boundaries to stop me”.

Look inwards, ask questions, find out what your life means.

Find your purpose, be yourself, dare to dream, be real.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from your past, dust yourself up and move on again, but Never stop dreaming through it all.

Above all, forgive yourself for all your shortcomings, find your spirituality and your Maker, and make peace with your inner being.

I have a dream, and I know one day, it will become my reality

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