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What is SEO copywriting and why do you need it for your advertising campaigns?

What is SEO Copywriting? What is the job of an SEO copywriter? How is SEO copywriting different from conventional copy creation? Why do you need an SEO Copywriter for your website?

In this article, you’ll find out all there is to know about SEO copywriting and how this type of copywriting can boost your online visibility, generate more leads for you and ultimately more sales for your business.

SEO copywriting is an even more strategic form of content writing, which combines search engine optimization techniques with selling skills. The methods used could involve creating landing pages that are optimized for online visibility as well as for eliciting a specific response from your customers. The objective of SEO copywriting is to create content marketing messages that foster awareness, engage, convert, and retain your customers.

A content writer who specializes in writing optimized copy is known as a content optimization specialist or an SEO copywriter. SEO copywriters ensure that the right long-tailed search queries are used in your content, to help you rank better on the internet.

8 reasons why you need SEO copywriting services

An SEO copywriter plans your marketing content using data and research.

An SEO content writer knows that the most effective content for websites and promotional campaigns are based on hard facts. SEO copywriting involves researching for the right queries that customers looking for your services are likely to type into search engines.It also consists of checking what the top websites in your niche are getting right.With this data, an SEO copywriter can create content that is useful for your clients.

SEO Copywriting drives more traffic to your website:

An SEO copywriter ensures that your website is fully optimized for Google and can show up in response to organic searches.There are two types of results you can get when you type in a query into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The first kind is the organic or natural results. As the name suggests, the search engines like Google send these results in response to your query based on the relevance of the information on the various websites. The more informative the content, the higher it ranks on the SERP. Other factors affect ranking too like domain age, page rank etc. but we won’t go into that here.The second kind of results are the paid responses to your search queries. You usually would see a hypertext containing the letters ‘AD’ on the website URL. This hypertext shows it’s a paid promotional response to your search. Organic results get more clicks than paid results and statistics show that as much as 90% of clicks on websites go to natural search results.

Effective SEO Content seeks to engage, inform, and sell in that order:

When visitors land on your page, they may just be checking you up to know if you are the right fit for their business needs.The quality of information you provide , as well as the manner in which this information is presented goes a long way to determine if a client stays on your page or moves on.

SEO Copywriting Builds greater credibility with your customers:

Content optimization increases your chances of getting to the first page. When people search for services like yours, being on the first page has the psychological effect of stamping you as an authority in your business niche. Your customers are more likely to trust the genuineness of the services you provide since they reckon your being on page one of the SERPs shows that Google trusts you.

Good SEO copywriting follows the natural buying cycle of your customers:

The aim of SEO content promotion is to funnel content to guide your customers through the stages of the buying journey for your brand. A good SEO content creator knows how to create awareness with titillating messages, how to build anticipation and heighten customer expectation. The SEO content expert also knows how to fulfill the built up expectations and increase the chances of conversions to business.

Great copywriting addresses the specific needs of your customers:

Gone are the days when search engine optimization was about creating generic content in a bid to rank quickly on the web. Good SEO content creation techniques start with outlining the reasons why the customer needs your service. A phenomenal content creator puts himself in your audience’s shoes to create copy that highlights their challenges, outlines the impact of these challenges and then presents solutions to address these needs. It is important when creating content for your brand promotion campaigns, to hire an SEO writing expert who combines SEO strategy with marketing skills.

Good copy Fosters loyalty for your brand:

When you constantly dish out fresh, informative, and engaging content to your target audience, they are more likely to trust your expertise in your business niche.This would probably retain their loyalty to your brand as well as cast you as an authority in your business niche.

Gives your sales a huge boost:

The figures don’t lie! While You may choose not to believe all I’ve said so far about the benefits your business can get from SEO copywriting, you can’t close your eyes to the jaw-dropping numbers.Stats show that being on the first page of Google for organic searches gives the following results;

The first three websites that come up in organic searches get 61% of the clicks

33% of the clicks go to the first position on Google SERP and 15% to the second place while 9% go to third place

At an estimated conversion rate to customers of 1%, you can boost your sales by 25- 40 % by merely moving form number 3 to number 2 position for your keywords.

First page of Google by the numbers

Which would you rather choose for your online marketing campaigns- short term pay per click ads or SEO content promotion that seeks to engage, convert, and foster brand loyalty.

For short term, quick results, use your PPC campaigns, but for more extended brand awareness that leads to higher ROI, you need a reliable SEO copywriting strategy for your websites.

How do SEO copywriters create search-friendly Content?

There are several techinques an SEO copywriting expert utilizes to ensure your website content is searchable on the web.

1. Optimizes content for both your readers and the searchbots.

2. Formats copy for a great user experience.

3. Links to high authority sites using the right anchor texts.

4. Ensures consistent style and quality.

5. Uses data to drive SEO copy for your brand.

6. Creates optimized copy that sells your brand.

Great copy should be as enjoyable as a steaming cup of tea on a rainy day

Creates Readable, searchable and indexable copy in that order.

An SEO copywriting expert creates copy with the interests of your target audience before optimizing for the search engines. Many SEO articles out there, sound like articles written by robots for robots, and not for people. Writing search optimized content does not equate to creating boring text that only Google would understand. An SEO copywriting expert knows how to strike the right balance between creativity and search optimization.

Ensures Readability: One proven way that a content SEO copywriting expert ensures your web copy is fully optimized and yet readable is to write freestyle first. The style and language of the posts should speak to your target audience. There are a number of online apps that could be used to verify the level of readability of the content created, and the Hemingway app is a good one. A good reading level to strive for, is a grade level of 8 or 9. This means that anyone with an education level of grade 8 and above should be able to understand your copy.

Enhances Searchability: An SEO copywriting expert knows that there’s a huge difference between search queries and keywords. For instance, suppose your online brand is an HR consulting agency that specializes in facial expressions analysis. Your keywords could be facial analysis experts, body language experts, non-verbal analysts … If a customer typed in any of these keywords, it’s likely your site would come up on the front page. The question is how often do customers type in these keywords when looking for your kind of services? These keywords may not generate a high volume of search queries and limiting yourself to these alone would reduce the number of times your site appears in organic search results. In order to generate more traffic for your business, an SEO writing expert researches your competition to know what queries people type in when looking for similar services. With the results from the research, your site can then be optimized so it can appear on the first page of the SERPs.

Optimizes Indexability: The final step would be to make the content indexable for the search engines by optimizing your meta titles and meta descriptions. The meta title and meta description of your page are what shows up on the search engine results pages (SERPS) in response to a query containing your keyword. The attractveness of your meta descriptions is what determines your click through rate(CTR), the rate at which potential customers click on your website on the SERP.The best meta descriptions showcase your keyword, likely search queries, and your business name.

Writes with structured Formats for Great User Experience.

These days, it seems like the surest way to rank high on Google is to create long-form content, and the lengthier, the better. In a bid to create long-form content for better rankings,you should also think about how overwhelmed your readers may feel. They would have to sift through lengthy content to find the information they need. Many readers give up if the information on your site is too lengthy or arranged haphazardly.

An SEO copywriter takes into account the content style and presentation to ensure that your target audience remains engaged long enough on your web site. This includes breaking up the text into paragraphs, adding interesting videos and infographics, and using callouts to highlight focus areas in the copy.

Makes Use of the Right Anchor Text for Page Links.

Anchor texts are texts that link to other web pages, either on your website or another website with related information, preferably a higher authority site. Google algorithms not only recognize the number of backlinks to your site but also the number of links from your site to higher authority sites. The way Google sees it is, if you are quoting an authority, it shows the content on your site is sound. For best practices in writing anchor texts, SEO writing experts use words that describe what your content is linking to.

Makes use of  the Right Tools to check for Content quality.

Content quality is what differentiates an SEO copywriting expert from a web designer. Content optimisation specialists are concerned about the grammatical structure, fluidity, ease of comprehension, as well as the keyword usage in your web copy. To ensure consistently high-quality standards, SEO content specialists use grammar checker tools like Grammarly, reading-level checking tools like the Hemingway app, and keyword density tools like this keyword density checker.

Drives SEO with data and evidence- based practices.

A good SEO copywriting expert knows how to use data to improve your brand’s visibility.

There are several online tools, used to ensure that your keywords fit in with common search queries for your kind of business. Google keyword planner is a tool that helps you plan all the right keywords to increase your appearance in organic searches.

Apart from keyword planning, the Google search console enables you to track your keyword performance based on the traffic to your site from both organic and paid searches.

Creates Copy that Sells your Brand.

A professional SEO copywriter knows how to sell a brand without sounding too salesy. They offer your audience in-depth and qualitative information on your business services and insert the right call to action (CTA) messages in the appropriate places to make it look natural.

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