10 reasons why drinking tea is better than taking plain water

reasons to drink tea

A Cup of Tea keeps the Pressure at Bay

Ella bonor

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I love me a cup of hot tea any time, any day. It’s great to know that there are several reasons why drinking tea is better than taking plain water. Any reason is a good enough reason for me to take a cup of tea. My favorite is black tea, but there are so many other options to choose from like:

-Green teas -Oolong Teas -White tea – Herbal tea -Yellow tea

Tea comes in various forms.

-Brick teas ( compressed teas in block-form) – tea leaves – tea dust(usually packed in teabags) – tea concentrate

Not to mention the different flavors like peppermint, strawberry, blueberry or the different brands like:

Lipton tea Tetley Twinings Yogi tea PG tips

Ahmad tea

Which is the healthier option; tea or water? Turns out that the answer is Tea! There are several reasons( valid reasons and crazy AF reasons) why drinking tea may be a better option for you than plain old boring water.

10 reasons why drinking tea is better than taking plain water

Tea drinking offers several health benefits that water does not. Tea drinking offers some health benefits.Tea is good for your heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research shows that tea can reduce the risk of your having certain cancers like prostate and ovarian cancers. Green tea is the latest health cure for certain types of cancers like mouth cancer . Green tea has also been proven to improve the prognosis of brain cancers. Green tea reduces blood sugar level, which is helpful if you have diabetes.

reasons why tea is better than water

Tea is good for the brain, it keeps me alert during the day and can help me go to sleep at night.

Tea helps with weight loss. Whether you are on a ketogenic diet or you are trying to lose weight on a high-carb diet, adding green tea to your diet will hasten the process. Green tea speeds up your metabolism and helps burn fat more rapidly.

lose weight by drinking tea

Tea is a great energy boost. Taking a cup of hot black tea first thing in the morning is a great way to revive your sleepy-self. If you need to stay awake at night to read a book or complete a project, take a cup of strong black tea.

Whether it’s scorching hot outside or numbing cold, a cup of tea can help you cool down or warm up. Picture before you, a cup of steaming black tea laced with honey or cream. Imagine reclining on a comfy sofa, sipping delicately, while you watch fat raindrops chase themselves down your window.

Can you wax lyrical about a glass of hot water? On a hot day, a glass of ice cold tea makes a refreshing drink that can help you cool down.

Tea is the drink of innovative people. Tea comes in different forms like black teas, green teas, herbal teas, yellow teas, and white teas. You can either choose to add milk, lemon, honey or to take it plain. You can take it very hot or ice-cold depending on your preference or the weather. 

Another reason why tea is better than plain water is Teas can help relieve constipation. If you find yourself contorting your face anytime you have to do the big one, then you need to start drinking tea. One or two cups of peppermint tea every morning will keep your bowels running smoothly. Need something stronger? You can try cascara tea or senna tea.

Note of caution: If symptoms of constipation persist for more than a day, please see your doctor.

 Tea re-hydrates as good as water; even better because it replaces both water and antioxidants while water replaces – well- water. Some of the antioxidants in tea like polyphenols reduce inflammation and cell damage.

It’s more classy to take a cup of tea than a glass of water. This brings to mind a funny experience I had a fast-food shop.  There I was, quietly sipping a cup of steaming tea and going through my schedule when a guy approached me. Guess what he asked me. He asked if I grew up in the UK or something. Reason? – He told me I was the first person he had ever seen drinking tea in a fast food place. Does taking a bottle of water, ice-cream or soft-drink cause that kind of reaction?

* Lesson: If you want to look classy and totally fresh, order  a cup of tea at a restaurant.

Tea can help you to relax and sleep better at night. If you have insomnia(difficulty falling asleep), steep one or two bags of chamomile tea in a small tea cup half-filled with water. Allow it to stay for 3-5 minutes to release all the chamomile. Sip quietly while you read a boring book, and you’re sure to go to sleep in a few minutes.

In some cultures,offering a guest a cup of tea signifies friendship and holds more weight than offering a cup of water. Tea drinking has become quite popular in many parts of Nigeria probably because many people have begun to realize the tremendous health benefits of this beverage.

“Did you know” facts about tea.

  • Did you know that adding milk to tea removes all the health benefits of tea, according to this study? That’s a tough one to digest, for me, since I take my tea with milk. Oh well, I may have to adjust my tea habits so as to get all the benefits of drinking tea.
  • Cold brewing actually reduces the bitter taste of tea, so if you don’t like tea, or can’t take tea because of the bitter taste, you can take it ice-cold instead.
  • Used tea bags have a lot of uses around the home. You can use them to reduce swollen eyes, neutralize strong odors, clean your rug and lot s more. Check out the various uses of used tea bags.
  • Drinking more than three cups of tea a day can lead to health issues like anxiety, restlessness, frequent urination, and constipation.
  • Tea was discovered purely by accident in ancient China. An emperor was boiling some water in a kettle when the wind blew some leaves from a wild tree into the water. He found he liked the smell of the brew and the warm feeling it gave him- like the brew investigating every cell in his body. The Chinese word for tea is ‘Cha’ meaning to investigate.
  • Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, second only to water. While in popularity, water may trump tea, but that’s about it. When it comes to taste, attributes, and health benefits; tea beats water hands down- no contest.

So there you have it. All the reasons why tea is much better than water. If you’re not a tea drinker,I’m hoping this post has shown you all you’re missing. I’m off to take a cup of tea now- care to join me?

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