Stress management tips-10 crazy tips to help you cope with stress

coping with the demands of kids especially if you also have a full-time job

man kneeling down and praying for a million dollars

financial worries like debts, mortgages,and low-income are another major source of stress

cartoon man saying I hate my boss

Poor job satisfaction or a less than ideal work environment can be a huge pain in the b..

cat snoozing on a pillow

That’s right- sleep all your troubles away

Cartoon cow holding both arms out

let’s help you laugh your stress away!

12 crazy stress management tips thatwork

tips to manage stress

winnie the pooh watching the clouds

relax, go for a ride, float in a pool,watch the clouds, practise yoga….

cat listening to some cool music

Some good music can lift your mood

a cup of tea

relax with a cup of your favorite brew

cartoon man watching TV

watching TV may seem like a good way to relax, but all that brain activity could leave you feeling even more tense

The act of spending money has the psychological effect of making you feel good because it makes you feel in control of your life.

ant glowering

Hem! While this may not help, banging doors and glowering at dishes feels quite good

people doing chores

Here’s where you use your smile and other persuasive tools at your disposal to get people to do things for you.You’re not superman-delegate!

junk food

Eating junk when you’re stressed does help you feel better, doesn’t it? That’s okay, I’m sure you have a plan to lose all the weight right afterwards

Now, this could actually work if it were possible.Who knows, maybe some crazy doctor out there is thinking up innovative stress management techniques, like this one, right?

Disclaimer: We just confessed to not being real doctors- yeah! we’ve pretty much covered our ass, we hope.

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