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Our expertise, creativity, and commitment to getting you the right results for your online brand. For as long as Google remains the number 1 search engine in the world, quality content will always be KING!

There are a number of factors involved in getting your website to the first ranking page of search engines but the most important factor is GREAT content 

In order for you to rank well, you need to ensure that your content SEO is top notch.I would like to say here that technical SEO is not our forte  and we don’t claim to do what we have no experience with.

What we do at the articles depot is first-rate content writing .If you would  like to rank high on search pages, you need to know that that's the first parameter the Almighty engines are looking for.

There are a lot of Content writing SEO techniques that we employ at the articles depot and highlighted below are the key ones

  • G.R.E.A.T content that is optimal in length (above 1000 words per page ), entity rich and highly engaging. What this does is to boost your reader engagement at your site because your website should be all about your audience, right? It also signals to search engines that your website offers in-depth knowledge about the particular niche you are in, and classes you as an expert in your field
  • Keyword research and optimization: When you put your content writing in our skilled hands, we help you find the most unique and easily searchable keywords that can help you rank better. We then incorporate these keywords naturally into your text and in the right number to prevent key Word stuffing.
  • We create blog posts for you and optimize these posts to help your website as broad an information base as it can be.
  • Create internal links (optimal frequency) and external links to high NAD20+ sites.
  • Content for marketing strategies for Facebook ads, Google ads, and other social media sites.
  • You get the right content that will launch your business with IMPACT
  • Advice on technical SEO issues that are highly important and recommendations on how to get these issues resolved .

What do we require of you?

Your commitment to work with us to help you brand your online business the best way.

Your patience: Ranking high on Google is not a weeks work.Even with the best content writing  and other parameters in place, you need to realize that there are probably a million other websites vying for the same position.What we can assure you of is our commitment to put you in the best position to be seen by search engines with Phenomenal content writing to boost SEO.




Content writing

  If you’re looking for  a content writing partner to help you build your brand, You’ve definitely come to the right place! At the articles depot we build quality content that is SEO friendly and guaranteed to engage readers on your website .

The Number one Content writing shop,Nigeria for SEO and brand building .Contact us today to get the right content for your brands!


   We curate relevant information  and build it  creatively with the right style and language to suit your content needs.

  • You get high-quality curated content at an affordable price.
  • SEO friendly website content and blog posts to boost your rating.
  • Creative content writing for your email and social media marketing campaigns.
  • High impact product descriptions and case reviews.
  • One article free the first time you sign up with us!
  • The right store for phenomenal content writing  to boost SEO!


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Are you  an online business trying to strengthen your presence on the web?  You may  need to know that the world of marketing as you know it is rapidly changing and  with  each passing day, traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective at targeting and converting the right audience .To rebrand your business and put it out there, you need the right content  for your brand messages ,the right content design for your web pages, the right content for social media marketing and  email marketing campaigns .The bottom line is, you need the right content writing  partner to deliver high quality to meet all  your content  needs. At the articles depot, we provide you  with that quality you expect.

We also offer free consultation to online businesses to help them determine the right brand strategies to promote their business.

Our target customers are :digital marketing firms looking for quality content for their clients.

E-commerce websites ,bloggers ,web site developers. And, any  other online firm that requires high quality content writing to boost their ROI.

At the articles depot, G.R.E.A.T content is what we specialize in, and Great is  simply my acronym for: 

  • Google manual compliant content- no keyword stuffing and no shady SEO techniques.
  • Relevant and highly informative content.
  • Engaging content
  • Articulate enough for a 7th grader to understand
  • Thick content, as opposed to Thin.

Weprovide our digital marketing partners with white labelled SEO content solutions  for their clients.This will help you serve your clients better and save you time to pursue your other business interests like technical SEO, content marketing strategies, web design and so on. All our articles are 100% free of plagiarism, grammatically correct  and with the appropriate punctuations.

If you are an e-commerce business and your desire is to reach the front page of GOOGLE in as short a time as possible, then your main strategy should be to build long form, highly interesting, totally relevant SEO content, yes we provide quality content writing for online stores too   !With our content creation services  you are sure to rank better in no time at all.

For online blogs, we  construct well researched and original blog posts that will help to boost your blog ratings.

We also provide our clients with impactful brand building services like high impact case reviews, sales copy that will generate the maximum number of leads, effective product descriptions, quality content for landing pages and content for media and e-mail marketing.

At the articles depot, creating the right message for our clients is EVERYTHING.

Contact us today and let’s help you create  content for all your content marketing and brand promotion strategies.