If you have a website that potential customers cannot find when they search online for your services, perhaps it’s time you revamped your online advertising strategies.At the articles depot, you get quality website Search engine optimised (SEO) copywriting to boost your online traffic.

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68% of customers these days don't want you to sell to them.They would instead browse the internet using search engines to find what they want.My job is to position your website on the first page of Google so that customers looking for your services can find you.

The challenge

Nowadays, customers looking for your products or services are likely to browse the internet for themselves. With so many similar businesses competing for the first page on Google, you need an edge to help your business stand out.
Moz data shows that only 10% of internet users go beyond the first page of search engine results pages(SERPs). If your website is not on the first page of Google , it means your online business is nowhere.

How we can help

At the articles depot, you get premium SEO copywriting for your Landing pages, social media advertising copy, and search optimised blog posts to make your business more visible to customers. If you’re looking to hire topnotch SEO copywriters in Nigeria or anywhere else for that matter, look no further. We will give you SEO copywriting services that engage, convert and foster loyalty in your target audience.

Who we are

The articles depot is a team of professional SEO copywriters in Nigeria dedicated to creating SEO Web content that gets your websites to the front page. We take a strategic approach to designing web content, and we’ve got your back with 110% quality at affordable prices! The articles depot team is perfectly capable of handling all the Seo copywriting and online advertising copywriting to drive traffic to your business.

You can start by scheduling a brief meeting with us to let us know what kind of content your business needs. We will also help you develop creative content ideas that will help to promote your business further.

Reasons why you should try our SEO copywriting services

Who would you visit if you had a toothache; a dentist or a GP? In the same vein, when you need quality content to get you to the first page of Google, you need the specialised services of an SEO copywriter.We plan your marketing content using data and research. We help you find the best-longtailed search queries with high CPC and low-medium ranking difficulty that would drive the right traffic to your business.We create a Compelling SEO Copy that seeks to engage, inform, and sell in that order.Our SEO copywriting follows the natural buying cycle of your customers: SEO content promotion aims to funnel content to guide your customers through the stages of the buying journey for your brand.We know how to create awareness with titillating messages, how to build anticipation and heighten customer expectation, and how to deliver on our promise.We help you continuously dish out fresh, informative, and engaging content to your target audience; making them more likely to trust your expertise in your business niche.In addition to all the above, our prices are very affordable and we are willing to do a small test sample for you.

If you are looking for an SEO copywriting expert in Nigeria to help with your website content creation, start a chat with us today!

Content writing Services

We provide search engine optimised web content that gets your business website to the first page of Google.At the articles depot, our content writing and SEO copywriting services are guaranteed to engage your customers on your websites and foster loyalty to your brands.Our content writing and copywriting Services include:

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We offer digital media strategy and web content management as part of our SEO copywriting services.Our digital media strategy involves researching the right longtailed queries with low difficulty and high Cost per click (CPC).

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