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We are not  your' run of the mill' content writing agency. We are a team of content strategists who research, plan,develop, optimize and deliver to you G.R.E.A.T content to appeal to search engines and your target customers.

Sometimes, in a bid to satisfy the search engines and get you to the top as quickly as possible, your current writing agency may  neglect the needs  of your human audience  and end up dishing out to you  sub-par quality, albeit with all the relevant keywords.


We give you the right content strategies for all your branding needs. We do justice to all your brand requirements and  offer YOU quality content that appeals to your audience(human and spider).We tailor our style and approach to suit your target audience. 


Customized solutions for all your brand building  needs at very affordable rates. At the articles depot, we research thoroughly, skyscraper effectively and optimize content maximally using a number of proven content strategies to give you info-rich articles and web copy that engages your readers and leads to higher conversions for your business. We help you launch your brand with quality content writing to boost your ROI!


Our watchwords: Creativity, professionalism and attention to detail.

Creativity - We give you G.R.E.A.T content!

At the articles depot, we provide top-notch quality content for all your content writing jobs, and your brand building and promotion strategies. 

There are a number of content strategies you can employ to get your website to the first ranking page of search engines and top on the list is GREAT CONTENT.

· In order for you to rank well, you must ensure that your Content SEO is of first-rate quality and Google manual compliant. At the articles depot, we provide you with Content that is 100% plagiarism free.

· Well researched and highly  informative 

· Grammatically correct with no errors of syntax and structure.

· Written in a style that is appropriate for the target audience.

· Offered to you at highly affordable rates. 

· Delivered on time.

· Phenomenal content for all your content writing needs and brand building strategies.

Professionalism - Proven content strategies that have worked time and time again.

At the depot of words, we don’t take a ‘hit or miss’ approach to building your brand’s content .We utilize a six-step winning formula that has worked for our clients time and time again.

· Key word research to get the best long-tailed keywords that your website should rank for.

· Competitor research.

· Content planning

· content development

. content optimization

· Meta tag and Meta description optimization.

Attention to detail- No grammatical error gets past us.

· Professional editors will catch any stray punctuation marks and edit your work to ensure fluidity and readability.

· Unlimited content revisions - we are not satisfied until you are!

So, what are you waiting for? If we haven’t convinced you yet, then subscribe to a free 500 words trial today.



Are you an online brand trying to strengthen your presence on the web? You may need to know that the world of marketing as you know it is rapidly changing and with each passing day, traditional methods are becoming less effective at targeting and converting the right audience .To re-brand your website and put it out there, you need the right content for your brand messages ,the right content strategies for your web pages, and the right content for social media marketing and email marketing campaigns .The bottom line is, you need the right content writing partner to deliver high quality to meet all your content needs and at the articles depot, we provide you with that quality you expect. We also offer free consultation to e-commerce websites to help you determine the right brand strategies to promote your business.

Our target customers are:


· Digital marketing firms looking for quality content for their clients

· E-commerce websites who would like to have more customers.

· Bloggers who want to boost their blog ratings

· Web site developers looking for quality SEO web copy.

· And any other online firm that requires high quality content writing to boost ROI. 


At the articles depot, creating the right message with the right content strategies  for our clients is why we are in business.

We create the right message by providing G.R.E.A.T CONTENT for all your content writing and marketing needs. 

· Google manual compliant content- no keyword stuffing.

· Relevant and highly informative content.

· Engaging content.

· Articulate enough for a 7th grader to understand

· Thick content, as opposed to Thin.



Are you looking for white-labeled content solutions for your clients? 

At the articles depot, we help you create effective web copy and content for marketing and search optimization for your clients. We scale content for all your client needs at very affordable rates and provide these white labeled solutions to you, to help you serve your clients faster. This will save you time to pursue your other business interests like technical SEO, content marketing, web design and the rest. We provide you with content that is 100% free of plagiarism, grammatically correct and well edited.


Would you like to get to number 1?

If you are an e-commerce business and your desire is to reach the front page of GOOGLE in as short a time as possible, then your main content strategy should be to build long form, highly interesting and totally relevant SEO content, and yes, we provide quality content writing for online stores too!

With our content strategies and content writing  services you are sure to rank better in no time at all. 

Have you run out of ideas on what to blog about?

Not to worry, the depot of content has got you covered. We will do our research thoroughly, to find out what interests your readers and produce for you original blog posts that will help to boost your blog ratings.

Would you like effective content strategies to boost your brand?

We also provide our clients with high impact  brand building services like solid case reviews to boost your image and sell 'YOU', sales copy to generate the maximum number of leads, effective product descriptions, quality content for landing pages and content for social media and e-mail marketing. 

Contact us today and let’s help you create content for all your content marketing and brand promotion strategies.