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Why do you need content-centric SEO services?

It’s as simple as this: Good on-page search engine optimization is mostly about creating and promoting premium quality content that people find when they browse on search engines like Google. Content-centric SEO is all about creating website content that is relevant to your specific customers and using search engine optimization to help them find this content on Google. It’s as simple as helping your customers find you.

Nowadays, close to 70% of your customers prefer to search online for what they need. If they can’t find your services on the first page of Google, for them, your business does not exist. To make your small business website visible to your potential customers, you need a solid SEO strategy. At the best SEO company in Lagos, we give you what your customers love; highly engaging content that is searchable, readable and indexable.

Our Services

At the articles depot, we provide content-centric SEO services and professional web designs to boost your business image. Whatever your budget, you’ll get professional website services to grow your online presence.

Content optimization

Content SEO solutions

Our content-centric SEO solutions involve planning your website content using data. We optimize your website copy for easy indexing by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We focus on getting the right long-tailed keywords that can help you rank faster on the internet.

WordPress website design

Don’t have a website yet? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We can help you create a simple yet sophisticated WordPress website to boost your professional image. You’ll get a fully responsive website that’s beautiful on every screen( mobile as well as desktop) and optimized for speed and zero downtime.

Marketing optimization

Marketing optimization

If you’re starting a new business or launching a new product, you would often need to kickstart your brand awareness by promoting your business on Facebook and other social media forums using PPC (pay per click) ads. At our SEO agency in Lagos, we promote your website using robust content promotion platforms.

How we do what we do

Search engine optimized SEO Strategy

There are three major ranking factors that Google considers when ranking websites: content quality, relevance(rank brain ) and backlink quality. At the best SEO agency in Nigeria, we focus on creating quality SEO web copy using the right SEO tools. We build Search engine optimised copy for your websites that will make your business stand out on the internet and drive more traffic to your doorstep.

Conversion-focused web copy

Having a professional website that attracts customers is the first step to getting more ROI.Your ultimate goal, of course, is to get more of these visitors to convert to customers. To do that you need actionable web copy that will give your web visitors compelling reasons to subscribe to your services. At the number 1 content SEO agency in Lagos, we create SEO web copy that increases the conversion rate for your brand

Customer-centric SEO web copy

At the best content SEO company in Lagos, you get engaging SEO copy that’s readable, shareable and indexable. We write to attract and engage your web visitors as well as. optimising for the search engines.We start our content creation process by first identifying the right buyer personas for your business. We then create content that targets these personas, to increase the reader engagement for your brand.

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